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Looping w/battery power hopes/concerns

I'm back from my gig and wanted to share more--
I like the idea of having a loop setup that is easy to transport and set 
My rack setup includes MIDI and volume pedals and I REALLLY like using my
Starr Labs Ztar as it affords me synth stuff and MIDI control for the 
HOWEVER--it requires a bit of time to get ready to play, and is heavy to
I can see that the two things are different beasts.  The Echoplex lets you
do exactly what you want, whereas each of the separate loop pedals in the
battery powered setup (incidentally, I have power supplies for all the
devices, so I don't need to piss away the environment 'til I actually busk)
has its own weaknesses/liabilities.  The main idea is to let the RC-20 and
the DL4 take up slack from each other, and use the DigiTech pedals for
percussion and short sampling of the DL4.  It's all still in its infancy, 
I will keep you posted.
One thing I notice is uneffected acoustic guitar isn't something you want 
stack layers and layers of--the timbre doesn't change enough to allow you 
fill the spaces.  I like how Matthias for example (or Claude Voit) will
create a bed and then layer more things over the top--not the same without
reverb!  I might want to include a battery powered effector in this setup .
. .