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Re: MOTU 828MkII as a Poor Man's Switchblade?

Thanks for the detailed response, Jesse!  From what
you say, it sounds like the 828MkII can do the job for
me.  Most likely, I would be looping just my two Nord
synths (the Micromodular acting as a processor for my
viola).  The third synth (Emu XL-7) has its own MIDI
looping capability, among other things, so I probably
won't be looping its audio as much.

How many Mixes can I set up to toggle?  Even just the
hypothetical 3 you mention may be enough for me.

Lack of MIDI for toggling between Mixes and muting is
not a concern for me.  Andreas Tillander did fine
using an Akai MPC 1000 for sequencing and a DL4 to
loop his melodica and assorted gizmos without any
notion of syncing the looper to the MPC - I'd be doing
something similar with my viola/Micromodular.


--- Jesse Ray Lucas <jlucas@neoprimitive.net> wrote:
> The 828mkII has four busses.  You can route the four
> busses independently to
> any of the outputs on the back of the thing: ten
> balanced 1/4" analog outs
> and digital out.  For each bus you can set the
> levels of each of the input
> channels: eight balanced 1/4" analog ins, two
> pre-amped ins on the front,
> and digital in (?).
> All four busses can be active at the same time, or
> muted individually.
> Although the muting process involves a knob twiddle
> and push.
> So, you could set up two different busses to say,
> outputs 3-4 where your
> looper is attached, and have certain input channels
> muted for different
> busses.  So, Mix 2 sends all inputs to outputs 3-4;
> where Mix 3 sends only
> analog inputs 1-2 and 5-6 to outputs 3-4 and
> everything else is muted.  Mix
> 1 is pointed at outputs 1-2 which is sending
> everything to the house PA or
> DAW, so the "audience" hears everything all the time
> even if your looper
> only hears what you're sending it on Mix (bus) 3, or
> 4.
> You could toggle between these mixes by muting them
> on the faceplate of the
> 828mkII.  There's no MIDI implementation for
> manipulating mix presets at all
> yet, unfortunately.  Although it seems like
> something that wouldn't be that
> hard for them to add in as a software update.  Buy
> one and bug MOTU.
> Good luck.
> -J
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Paolo Valladolid" <paolovalladolid@yahoo.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 7:14 PM
> Subject: MOTU 828MkII as a Poor Man's Switchblade?
> I have a a couple of synths plus a viola that I
> would
> like to run through audio looper pedals.  Right now
> the only looper pedal I have is my DL4.  I have an
> EH16 Reissue on preorder, which would add a 2nd
> looper.
> Here's the thing - I'd like to be able to loop my 2
> synths and viola through these 2 pedals, plus a Nord
> Micromodular which I will be using primarily for
> audio
> processing.  Sometimes I want to have one synth
> running on a sequencer and not loop the audio and
> loop
> the viola.   Sometimes I want to not loop the viola
> and loop the synth.  Sometimes I want to loop all of
> them at once.
> The Switchblade looks like a nice solution except
> there's no Mac editor and besides looks like it
> might
> be overkill.  Does the MOTU 828MkII have the
> functionality I'm looking for?
> Thanks,
> Paolo
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