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Re: EH 16sec delay reissue update, correction.

--- Suit & Tie Guy <erwill@suitandtieguy.com> wrote:
> it's an obscene number, if it ain't 4 minutes it's
> plenty. you have to 
> dig alot, but check out guitar forums and that
> EHDude's page. it's way 

Where did you find it on Ron Neely's page?  I've been
digging, and couldn't find anything.  Yeah, I've been
known to be dense...

> SHIT. i forgot to prop that Manecolooper guy. he
> seems to be taking 
> care of his customer base very well. he's DEFINITELY
> a cut above.

His stuff looks cool, but no sliders, and his one
pedal that has MIDI sync has a price well over the
EH16 Reissue's.  He's definitely one to watch, that


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