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FW: loopstock...

Loopstock 2004 meant a lot of "first time"s for me:
It was my first performance all by myself (with a friendly audience), it 
my first performance in the US, it was my first performance playing 
into a PA from my effect rig (which turned out not to be a good idea, I
should have used stanitarium's generously offered Fender Guitar-Amp!! 
what I've been used to for decades!).

I had the opportunity to listen to a very wide range of styles on Loopstock
2004 and would encourage anyone to come and attend the next possible such
event. Especially if you are a looper yourself, you learn so much from
watching others! This can mean musically, technically, how to set up and
configure your rig, how to present yourself as a performer, how to announce
your individual pieces, how to organize your whole gig in a dramatically
meaningful way, etc.

After that I was lucky enough to stay with Michael Klobuchar, Rick and Bill
Walker and their wives/partners. Jon Wagner then invited me to attend a
rehearsal of his jazz band. A very experienced jazz pianist sat in and
observed the rehearsal and offered positive comments about their
performance. And boy, did he praise their playing! And for good reason!

I had a couple of day's time with Rick during which he presented me his
really interesting theory on rhythm. One aspect that stunned me 
was the connection he pointed out between the musical concept of 
and the physiological reaction to it (adrenalin). Rick's theory goes on to
catalogue and name all possible binary and ternary subdivisions of a bar.
This allows to much more quickly grasp and describe a new and unknown
rhythm. Unfortunately, we did not have more time as we were just starting 
delve into the tuff stuff... At the next opportunity, I hope to go on with
it (Will you have time around Y2K4, Rick?)

In any case, Loopstock 2004 was a thrilling adventure for me. Thanks to
everybody! And especially Hans Lindauer, who pulled it off!