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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V04 #549

Hi Doug, and everyone else 
would be great to correspond regarding Live/fcb1010 setup etc.
at the moment I'm going to be using loops to peform written songs (cue yawns from looping purists), particularly because there are only two members in this band and I want to be able to do stuff on Baritone guitar and then work in drum samples and possible free my hands up for live percussive stuff too to flesh things out... ideally I would love to get the confidence and ability to blur the edges of the song structure and delve into an improvisational role but for now I just need something simple or else I'll never get the ball rolling.
thanks to all the comments/ideas on using backgrounds live, it's really helped me to try to put the emphasis on having fun with what I'm doing, which in the past few weeks I think I've been losing sight of (not that music is ever a chore).
Hope you are all having a positive New Year,
- Tim

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