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RE: Farfisa VIP 600 - Phila pa

Wow a walk down memory lane I don't play keys very well (real primitive
skills there) but, I used to play with a fellow who had one till he 
it with a Porta B err kinda telling about ones age eh ;) hahahaha

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From: Legion [mailto:legion@helpwantedproductions.com] 
Sent: Monday, January 10, 2005 11:49 AM
To: analogue@hyperreal.org
Cc: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: FS: Farfisa VIP 600 - Phila pa

Hi, it's breaking my heart but I have decided to sell my farfisa dual 
VIP organ. This is one very cool and mojo infested piece and it's complete
with the dual manual organ, original (1960s "hot rod" 
style) legs, bass pedals, and (get this) the original leather carrying 
for the organ, legs, and pedals (in thick black leather made it italy with
the farfisa logo on them (Three bags!)

The VIP 610 was their "everything" model. It's got two manuals (4 ocatevs I
think)) with switchable Bass section so you can play bass notes on the 
bottom ocatave. One Keyboard is their all-in-one strings, banjo, piano type
things and the upper octave is a full organ with multiple drawbar sections.
(there are also drawbar sections and switches for the synth and bass

This has an adjustable Wah-wah effect and the infamous "syntheslalom"
psychedelic sliiiiide. Small sliders for the various parts ina  mixer
section off to the left. Bass pedals are full size.

It's in very good shape and everything seems to work ok but one drawbar is
loose and the caps for the mixer section were loose so I took them off (I
svaed them all so it's 100% original and of course the sliders/ work fine/
VERY retro design in color scheme and multiple slider cap/drawbar colors
etc. (I guess back then it wasn't retro it was Future modern but who am I 
quibble?) I think one of the cases has a zipper problem but given you're
putting a 40+KG full size organ in it it might be I never bothered to lift
it to zip it closed. Whatever.

Sounds great and has graced many a Pink Flodyish influenced jam session for
me over the years. Gigged with it once and then left it in the studio ever

This is too big with too many items to ship and I want to sell it as a
package witht he bass pedals, bags etc. (you could make a nice leather
jacket ot of the bags alone :)) 

I live in Phila Pa and can deliver it within an hour or so as well. 

I am asking $250 obo which given it's completeness and condition is a very
good price IMO. If you have other ideas let me know. Trades or partial
possible but I'd rather just sell it and se it go to good use somewhere

Let me know if you're interested, if it doesn't sell directly I'll be
putting it up on consignment at a local store where it will list for a LOT
more as I'll need to cover their fees. I just need to move it out of the
house to make room for other stuff I have already  so if it's in their 
it can sit there until it makes the store rich. Buy it form me now and get 
bargain ;)


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