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Re: echo pro and the mo-fx


     The delay on the Mo-FX is about 3.3 seconds, this is not from the 
manual I just timed it with
a metronome.  The sound processing on the Mo-FX is pretty darn clean.  I 
rarely use the other
blocks (tremolo, distortion, and flange) as I don't find them as useful.  
But for the delay alone,
the thing is worth its weight in gold.


<<It seems that the echo pro is noisy and I don't like the mono looping 
set it offers !
I've tried it, and it seems to me that the quality of the looped sound is 
not good.
The mo-fx  has 3 effects blocks, as you know.
It seems that all the effects play very nice, expecially the delay block.
I've read the manual, but i haven't find how long is the delay>>

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