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Spacerock, Nonsense, Art show Jan 17th Phila PA

The annual Overdrive Date Master "Holiday" show will be help this Monday
night Jan 17th at Tritone. This is also the opening for local artist Jay
4000 and as a special treat will make the first unveiling of the new
Philly Spacerock band Yeti featuring members of 1929,  Vibrolux, ODM,
and a half dozen other bands you've seen.

WHO:       Overdrive Date Master, Yeti with Art by Jay 4000
WHEN:     This Monday Jan 17th 9:30 pm (early show!)
WHERE:    Tritone 15th and South Streets


ODM will be doing their annual turntable deconstruction set with a few

Among other things Yeti performs originals and the occasional classic (A
blasted version of Orgone Accumulator) with guitar, bass, drums,
theremin and modular synth while wearing 6'+ white abominable snowman
outfit and arctic explorer outfits.  And there is more.

Yes, Binky the wonder money will be there as well. Color flyer on
homepage below!

Live MP3s of Yeti mayhem currently up at:

dig it!


Http://www.HelpWantedProductions.com/  - Bringing you the best in
Organic-Electronic Music since we started....