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RE: Boss Octave Pedal

First of all, thanks for all your imput, everyone!  I tried out the Boss 
OC-2 this weekend, and determined pretty quickly it wasn't going to work.  
Playing the open A string caused a glitch every time, if you let it 
sustain for more than a couple seconds.  So I moved on to the more 
expensive PS-5, this seemed to work quite well (assuming you adjust the 
volume level between playing guitar and bass parts).  Not perfect, but I 
determined that it would do for now.  I also tried the chili dog, but I 
determined that it was worth the extra money for the PS-5.  I'm certainly 
keeping my eyes on the POG and other synth possibilities in the future.
Brian Walton

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From: S V G [mailto:vsyevolod@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2005 9:40 PM
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Subject: Re: Boss Octave Pedal


     I use the Boss PS-5, which has 5 different settings of pitch shift 
effects, one of them being
a pitch shift up or down by as much as two octaves (2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 
5ths, octaves and double
octaves).  It doesn't glitch, doesn't have latency problems, handles 
chords just fine, and sounds
relatively awesome.  By shifting up an octave or two, you get a pretty 
decent 12 string kinda
sound, expecially with judicious use of the wet/dry mix knob.  The octave 
down really does work
well.  It actually gets pretty beefy.  The only downside is that it costs 
$130 new (if you know
where to look, $150 to $200 if you don't).  The upside is that it's small, 
has the familiar Boss
DC power in, sounds great on an acoustic guitar, has both mono and stereo 
out, 5 different
functions including intelligent shifting and detuning, and 4 controller 
knobs (1 of them
concentric) controlling way more than any pedal in its right mind should 
really try to do.  For
all that it does it deserves to be the size of an Electrix rack mount.  
Huh, now there's an


<<I have to assume some people on this list use the Boss Octave pedal in 
their looping setups, to 
achieve "bass guitar" sounds.  To those of you that do....do you like it?  
what do you think of
tracking?  I'd like to get the EH Pog, but can't justify nearly $400...>>  

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