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Re: Electrix announces,,,


     This one probably slipped past you, I posted it here from the 
RepeaterUsers list a few weeks
ago.  From Peter Toms: "I've been in good communication with Electrix, and 
they will be releasing
an OS upgrade for Repeater with something like 25 fixes and new features. 
The tentative date is
late April. Re-compiling the software compressed the total size of the 
files and therefore allowed
new code to be added. Whoo-hoo! I'm looking forward to this - they've been 
using our wishlist for
guidance in their upgrade process."

     Peter (from Condor Electronics) is the main Electrix repair facility 
here in Seattle.  He's
been in communication with the new Electrix from the get go and will 
continue to act as one of the
main support facilities.  The new "improvements" will be announced... well 
I guess whenever
Electrix gets good and ready to announce them.  :)  In conversing with 
Peter, I can surmise that
some of the simpler fixes (obvious and easy ones) are things like Allowing 
dry mute to be the
default power-on mode, and Fixing the metronome default volume.  We can 
only hope that the newer
models will have quieter power supplies, disappear the "tick... tick... 
tick..." sound, and
address the "bump" in the loop point.


<<forgive me, please, if I seem pedantic, but I still can't see what 
improvements have been
made..... besides the "more onboard-memory" part.... & how is that 
achieved without futzing with
the hardware?>>

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