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CFC Speeds for Repeater

Hi all,

Like many folks I got a new digital camera for Christmas, and it of 
course came with a pretty small CFC.  In buying a new one for it I 
learned that some manufacturers are now giving write speeds on their 
CFC.  I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this and the 

Lexar is making CFC that are labeled things like 4X, 8X... and I've 
seen as high as 80X.  For my camera I opted for a 512MB 40X which they 
claim is capable of a sustained write speed of 6.0MB per second (they 
say nothing about read speeds). "X" to them means 150KB per second. I 
tried this card in the Repeater and while it seemed ok for some small 
mono loops, as soon as I tried stereo recording the Repeater instantly 
reported "CFC SLOW"

I also tried the 16MB Lexar 8X that came with the camera and got the 
same results (stereo looping was too much for it).

So.. The SimpleTech 128MB I bought from Electrix years ago is still the 
biggest CFC I've found that works.  Of course.. there's always the 80X 
Lexar (?)

Anybody have any other findings?