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"Thru Communication can we extend our art" ??????????????

Hi all
Joined the list recently,posted myself as newcomer ,looping curios .I,ve been bombarded with emails of which I think only 2 responded to my interest directly,thanks to them both .
Saw kttunstall recently on UK TV ,I thought Yeh I,d love to do that busking primarily ,maybe also studio too.
Looking for advice on what gear to try,maybe buy
As a newcomer I haven,t time to trawl thru 200 +   emails but what I have seen suggest that someone should write ,book article etc encouraging such as myself ,glossary of terns would be useful.Whats a fcb ,edp ,etc ????????.
(I  play  Harmonicas,keyboards ,Voice and guitar.off travelling soon and would like a portable set up so advice on battery operated gear would be useful.
Happy looping
Chris Lee