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Re: More Nels Cline

I saw them live a couple of years ago, and it was really great stuff.  
Amendola (drums) was looping a little with a digitech delay and a kaoss 
Nels was being Nels with his eh16sec delay, and jhno was dropping great 
stuff in with his laptop.  If I recall correctly, there was a bass player, 
Todd Sickafoose.  They also had a wonderful visual video artist doing live 
improvised abstract video.  She just had a DV cam and a whole playground 
lights and objects which she filmed in creative ways in response to the 
music - no processing whatsoever.  Really awesome!  I would highly 
seeing these guys live if you get the chance, I know they tour the US 
somewhat.  Also, if you come across any recordings by jhno, I highly 
recomend him as well.

> 4) The newest release on the c74 music label is Proceed, a live 
> by CRATER, a band featuring jhno using radiaL, Scott Amendola on drums, 
> and Nels Cline on guitar. We invite you to check out the MP3