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RE: Troubleshooting my EDPs and FCB....Again (factory reset guidance)

Just a troubleshooting suggestion - to take the FCB out of the
equation. If you have a MIDI keyboard, try sending appropriate
notes from it and see if both machines will respond properly.
(Try it first without the MIDI splitter - just the keyboard
into the "in" of the master and the "out" of the master into
the "in" of the slave [and with the brothersync].)

Scott M2

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Hartung, Kris [mailto:kris.hartung@hp.com] 
> Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2005 9:22 PM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: RE: Troubleshooting my EDPs and FCB....Again 
> (factory reset guidance)
> > Will you post your findings? [from Per]
> Arggggggg!  Okay, this IS starting to drive me nuts.  The 
> marriage of my
> EDPs with the FCB will surely drive me to drink. First, I am using my
> MIDI splitter to go out of the FCB into the MIDI In's of my two EDPs.
> This seems to work fine, but the problem I had initially 
> still persists.
> So I reset my FCB to factory defaults and set every function (program
> change, control, expression pedal) to a MIDI channel other 
> than 1, and I
> only have the Note function of the FCB assigned to that 
> channel (1).  So
> the unit should not be sending any other data to the EDPs via MIDI.  
> But the same problem occurs now on both units.  Per, thanks for the
> splitter suggestion because now it occurs on both units, 
> which at least
> gives us some consistent behavior between the two units and the FCB. 
> Basically, I hit record to record a loop, play a measure, hit 
> Record to
> start playback, and then the loop stops after playing once. All of the
> LEDs - Record through NextLoop  -  on the EDPs are on, and 
> the Switches
> and Timing LEDs are blinking a the same time at the beginning of the
> loop. It is as if the EDPs are playing the loop back 
> internally, but not
> sending it to ouput.  My newly set parameters on the EDPs are 
> below. Any
> more suggestions?  Again, the units work perfectly when I use the
> Echoplex controller.  My guess is that it is something utterly simple
> that I need to change, just like when I couldn't get the units to sync
> up last year and all I had to do is change the Threshold 
> parameter to 0.
> Thanks, 
> Kris 
> Loops 
> MoreLoops=1L
> AutoRecord=ON
> LoopCopy=OFF
> SwitchQuant=LOP
> LoopTrig#=84
> Velocity=OFF
> SamplerStyle=RUN 
> Channel=1
> ControlSource=Not
> Source#=0
> VolumeCont=7
> FeedBkCont=1
> Dump=001 h
> Load=001 - 
> Switches 
> RecordMode=tOG
> OverdubMode=tOG
> RoundMode=OFF
> InsertMode=rEV
> MuteMode=StA
> Overflow=PLY
> Presets=Pr.E 
> Timing 
> Loop/Delay=LOP
> Quantize=OFF
> 8ths/Cycle=1
> Sync=OUT
> Threshold=0
> Reverse=[Shows No Setting]
> StartPoint=[Shows No Setting, but "1" at the first LED]