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re: AW: zen and the fluent Music

Interesting topic Rick,this is also the reason i find
rhythm guitar players more interesting than lead
players.When i opened up for Buena Vista social clubs
Eliades Ochoa i sat with the band backstage and asked
the rhythm guitar player if he played the 2-and,4 bass
while simultaneously playing straight 2,3,4
rhythm(leaving the 1 out)which they donīt.When they
play with a band they always start on the 4th of the
beat and leave the one out!this can actually be harder
since you have to listen carefully to the other
musicians to interlock and groove.I thought iīd been
playing it correct starting on the 2,3,4,(and leaving
the one out) but although similar it grooves totally

When I 
> play funk, however,  I really like to play with a
> bass player who really 
> knows how to play within the somewhat rigid
> stylistic confines of that 
> genre.
> There are 2 to the 16 power possible single line
> rhythms possible in any 
> given measure of 4/4 using 16th notes as the
> smallest note 
> value............there's a ton of room for
> creativity even in, say, the 
> world of 1970's era East Coast Funk,  but it's
> really fucking funky when 
> someone knows how to play the game.     But that's
> just me.  Scott Kungha 
> Drengsen or maybe even Steve Lawson (who loves soul
> music) might disagree 
> with me and they'd be legit.
> ***********


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