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Re: Dockstader

Assume you’ve got the Starkland CDs? IF not, the liner notes are  
interesting, if brief; let me know; I’ll quote ‘em to-ya.

There are some Reaktor ensembles that can make very Dock-like sounds,  
but you’re probably going for that ”vintage/analog” thing, right?


On Jul 14, 2005, at 1:04 PM, blixton wrote:

> Any Tod Dockstader fans here? I have been listening to his stuff.  
> Travelling music. Blown away. Now I'm interested how he did this. I  
> know he used reel2reel tape effects, etc.. Short of buying ten  
> reels and modding them, What gear out there could get close to this  
> sound? He really bends sounds up and the delays are insane. Very  
> warm thick sound.