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Changing EDP Parameters via MIDI

At 01:25 14/07/05, you wrote:
>Can anyone point me to a primer on if, and how 
>to change parameters on the EDP via MIDI?

I think it can be done by sysex,
...but you won't be doing that with the FCB1010 ;-(

Easier to program some presets, which the FCB will be able to conjure up 
prog change messages.

>  Rick has me experimenting with Insert=SUB with 
> quantize set at 8th notes, which generates some 
> cool effects, but normally when I play I want 
> quantize set to OFF.  Can I send a MIDI signal 
> to the EDP to change quantize to 8th notes, 
> perform the Insert magic, and then turn the 
> quantize back to OFF? I suppose this will take 
> three button pushes on my FCB and consequently 
> take up three more buttons on the unitů.
>I suppose I could create a preset on the EDPs 
>with these Quantize settings, and select that 
>with a program change, but I was hoping to avoid the work of setting that 

you wanna be no. 1 experimenter?

try this,

program your FCB to also send prog change on the button presses.

so the button for "Insert=SUB" also send the prog change for the preset 
..and all the others have prog change for the preset with Quant=OFF

Now, if the FCB1010 sends prog change before noteOn
(and I'm pretty sure it does) you're in with a chance that you get exactly
what you want without any more buttons used up.

...no guarantees though, I don't know if the EDP will
respond as hoped.

andy butler