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in praise of looping with the Electrix Mo-FX

Kevin wrote:
"Did you notice the prices on the rest of their line have dropped
significantly?  A new Mo-FX for $200?  I know they blew them out for
$100 but I assumed that was a major loss for them.  Did they find a
manufacturing source that was that much cheaper or were they charging
that much over costs before.  "

I don't know for sure but I always thought they were overpriced originally 
so it's nice that they are coming back
at a really reasonable price for how cool they are.

I have to say that the Mo-FX and the Filter Factory are the hippest damn 
boxes for
rhythmic processing in groove music.     All the time based DSP types 
(digital delay, tremelo,
filtering, LFO, etc.) are linked with midi but the hippest feature is that 
they are tied
to a big, drum machine styled heavy duty momentary switch.

As a drummer I love to 'play' the effects (particularly effective with 
square wave tremelos, digital delays and radical EQ filtering).

If the effect is turned on,  the momentary switch kills it momentarily 
a quick tap or you can hold it down to keep the effect off

If the effect is turned off, then the momentary switch turns the effect on.

I love that you can tie you can use your loops in a looper that spits out 
midi to drive your effects.

One of the things I love to do is to turn ON a telephone styled narrow 
bandwidth styled filter on a drum loop during
a 'breakdown' section of a song.      Then I can play the effect like a 
drummer, taking the filter off with each tap so that
the full bandwidth Drum Beat comes on.  Since it is full bandwidth,  the 
effect can be enormous and I can single out
individual drum hits in the rhythm and then turn the effect off right on 
downbeat of the next section...............very funky.

The individual effects of the Mo-Fx are fairly ordinary but this one thing 
that it does is just amazing.
They even have a distortion section that you can turn on an off which is 
really great with square wave tremelo processing
for rhythmic effects.

I love that those two units!!!!