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Re: a solo looping band: pb with feedback!

One thing I've found helpful has been to be able to
control the mic signal with a volume pedal. There was
a thread several years ago in which I asked if anyone
knew of an xlr-equipped, low impedance volume pedal. I
never did find one (or bother to wire one up) but I
did get around the problem by putting a little preamp
on my pedalboard (a midiman audio buddy) so that my
mic'ed stuff goes SM57>preamp>volume pedal>mixing
board. I've also used a Behringer Shark in place of
the midiman, and it works ok too. The idea is to
control the volume level to the looper; backing it off
and looping silence at times to avoid the monolithic
roar that can build up really quickly with an
'always-on' mic.

It's not foolproof; one must still be very careful
with monitor placement so that the loops don't
re-enter the mic. (Acoustically, I mean; I have a lot
of fun routing the loops back into themselves with the
aux sends). Having a bit more control over what gets
into the loop through the mic keeps the noise floor a
little more tolerable. A bit of EQ tweaking can help a
lot as well.

Also, I've had pretty good results with putting
contact mics/transducers on some of my otherwise
acoustic instruments to avoid having to mic them. A
piezo bar like you'd find under a guitar saddle is
great under the bridge of a mbira; huge bass!


--- ml@dadaprod.org wrote:
> My problem is when I play live (no problem with
> headphone at home), I've got
> serious feedback when I add several layers of
> acoustic instruments!
> I am working with a boomerang (v1.0) wich is placed 
> at the aux send of a little
> beringer. My guitar is connected to this beringer
> throuh a Pod (line 6) and I
> record acoustic instruments (my voice too) with a
> sm57 microphone also
> connected to the mix table..
> Has anyone any idea how I can improve all this?

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