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RE: zen and the fluent music

yeah and dont forget to add Peter Green as his backup
just in case he starts pouring shaving cream on his
head on stage again;-)

> was
> him.  BIZARRO.  I bet he'd be great in Syd Barrett's
> backup band.
> Speaking of Floyd, I got the bright idea to cover
> "Bike" once thinking it would be a fun quick little
> song to learn.  Every verse is totally different!  I
> knew the song well so it didn't bother me, but it
> drove our drummer crazy until he leaned the song
> lyrics.
> Mark
> --- "L. Angulo" <labalou2000@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > this reminds me of a quote from the Pink Floyd´s
> > Biography.Back in the Syd Barrett days when he
> > darkside,they would get together and rehearse a
> new
> > piece called "have you got it yet?" so there you
> had
> > the guys sweating trying to following him,and they
> > would stop him to clarify the chords everytime
> over
> > again, but he´d change them again everytime they
> > played it,and they were all getting pissed off
> until
> > Roger Waters realized the bastard wasn´t that
> > crazy;-)
> > L.a


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