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Re: My "Pretty Song"...

I don't care for Kinkade either, but I don't think he's being phony in
his art.  He reallly means it, and his audience really digs it.  He's
like the Kenny G of painting.


On 7/19/05, ArsOcarina@aol.com <ArsOcarina@aol.com> wrote:

>  In visual art (or any other) I have no criticism of artists who choose a
> particular 
>  way of working if that's really who they are, or choose to be . . .
> authentically. 
>  Example, I have no problem with any number of painters who might do most
>  of their work in a representaional, "realistic" vein. But I cannot abide
> Thomas
>  Kinkade (pardon me if there are fans present) 
>  His stuff is so phony (and so popular too) really makes me ill.
>  On a spectum scale of artists' sensitivity, ranging from total 
> to 
>  total pandering that guy is completely off the pandering scale. But I
> digress.