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Re: DD 20 ctl pedal

Hello ivan,

According to the manual
1. Switch off the power
2. While holding down the memory/tap pedal, switch on the power. The
setting is indicated in teh display, an dthe memory 1-3 indicator
corresponding to the current setting flashes.
3. Set the external pedal function pressing the Select button. Each
time you press the Select button it switches through the 'on/off' and
'tap', 'mem'
4. Press the Write button
After the memory number indicator begins flashing rapidly, the setting
is stored in memory and the unit returns to its ordinary state.

Hope this helps. YOu can download the whole manual at 

Best regards,
 Norman                            mailto:groups@normanlamont.com

Thursday, July 14, 2005, 3:30:38 PM, you wrote:

ik> Hello, loopers!

ik> †

ik> I lost my manual from DD20and I would like to know how I can set mode 

ik> For control pedal. When Iplug ctl pedal, there is only on/off
ik> mode, and I donít know switch to tap mode.

ik> †

ik> Thanks a lot...

ik> †

ik> †

ik> ivan kapec

ik> ivan@triangulizona.com

ik> www.triangulizona.com

ik> †

ik> †