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RE: Drum-machine song construction tips?

> How do you succeed to synchronise with the computer. As far 
> as I understood, the
> EDP can synchrinise with a midi signal.. I am using the 
> original version of the
> boomerang, I haven't found any solution? except not using a 
> computer, or times
> to times sampling the audio output of a drum machine (or cd 
> player) in ordr to
> add different digital signal to my loops.. then everything is 
> in mono, which is
> not gorgious, but it's the only way i found..
> Can someone confirm me that the EDP is not more 
> commercialised? (that's what
> I've been told in a music gear shop in Paris..)
> cheers
> sonic steph

The Boomerang won't synch to MIDI and the EDP is mono
(unless you can afford two) so you might want to checkout
the Repeater - although availablity may also be an issue there.

Scott M2