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hi, new to looping and soundscapes

I was inspired to start looping and soundscaping when I saw king
crimson preform on a live dvd.. and although they are among my
favorite bands, the thing that got me the most was watching robert
fripp open with a soundscape.. it really takes guitar to another
level. the first thing i did was go to guitargeek and look around for
his equipment.. then i found this website. I would like it if you guys
could tell me what he uses each piece of his setup for.. because I
know what each unit does.. but I don't know how they work together to
form the kind of soundscapes he creates. which machine loops? which
simply delays? gah.. I am really new to this.. if you guys can give me
a hand as to what does what, and what good specs are of machines that
i'll need to do stuff like that. if i learn from fripp about how to
sound like him then eventually i'll be able to take THAT a step
further.. and that is what I plan to do..

So.. question one is..

what each machine does in robert's setup, and what role it preforms in
the creation of soundscapes

question two is..

am I going to need to buy all of the vintage stuff he has to do it or
is there new stuff out that that can do it just as good

and three..

what delay setting does he use? massive repeat? does he use it to
simulate a hardcore reverb? Ah.. this is so much to learn all at one..

thanks for the help