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Re: The End of Timeless Instruments? (Craig Anderton editorial)

And then the Iron Curtain fell and tubes were plentiful.  Plus, Chinese tubes.  I'm not sure I can find a C64 emulator that'll run my old sequencer software and address my real-world MIDI port though...

On 11/1/05, Adrian Likins <adrian@likins.com> wrote:
goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
>  >>TUBES are probably the most important sound factors 'in my world'.<<
> I agree. I would use more tube-based kit if I possibly could. at the
> moment, I have a couple of valve tape decks in the studio, while on
> stage both I & my guitarist use valve heads (he has marshalls & fenders,
> I play my basses through an old orange 120).
> it's all about even-order harmonic distortion vs the odd-order variety
> one gets from silicon-based life-forms....

       Of course, it wasn't that long ago that the future of tubes looked in
doubt, as the suppliers all started drying up.