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Re: New Golden Age of Tubes Re: The End of Timeless Instruments? (Craig Anderton editorial)

On Nov 1, 2005, at 12:47 PM, Timothy Mungenast wrote:
> Luckily we are in the New Golden Age of Tubes, with demand AND supply
> rising, thanks to Russia and China.

yeah but no one (not even the yugoslavs) are making tubes like Mullard 
and Telefunken did. or old GE or Sylvania tubes.

i've used new Svetlana 6550s in my Leslie, and taken them out to put 
the 50 year old Tung Sols back in.

but yes, there are a nice supply of new preamp, amp, and rectifier 
tubes. now if someone can just add OC3 gas regulators and start making 
them _well_ then we'll talk about a new golden age of tubes. new octal 
preamp tubes would be nice but i don't see that ever happening.

in the meantime, i'd call it "a period of plentiful supply and demand 
of tubes" instead.

but hey, maybe i'm juts a grumpy old man.

or maybe i just spent all afternoon boxing and labeling my tube stash:

Eric Williamson