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Re: coal-burning modems Re: Y2K5 mini review

Patience, O Unstableboy!

I too am modem-bound (46.6 Kbps at this moment, which
is much better than it usually connects) and have
downloaded over half of what Kris has posted so far.
(Woulda been more, but I had to go to work and

Right now, I'm downloading a 69.3 meg file from
listmember Peter Koniuto; I'm over 10% so far, and by
the time I get back from dinner, it should be just
about done.


--- Timothy Mungenast <mungenast@earthlink.net> wrote:

> Hear Hear!
> I see all these enticing descriptions of great music
> and can't really
> access any of it on my coal-burning dialup
> connection.
> Waaaaah!
> ;-)
> ~Tim

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