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Re: AW: Introducing...

     Au contrare, each of the Repeater's volume faders for each channel 
have next to them a series
of 8 LED's indicating channel activity.  Now that's neither here nor 
there, except to say that for
my uses and experience, I've been able to use this LED activity to 
comprehend what I've laid down
on each track.  In the heat of performance as well...


> From: Travis Hartnett <travishartnett@gmail.com>

> If I'm reading this correctly, you'd have four individually mutable
> channels, i.e. tracks. Each track could have oodles of overdubs and 
>would be
> "looping". The overall audio event of whatever those four tracks contain
> (including silence for unused or muted tracks) is what Electrix refers 
>to as
> a "loop". In their parlance, a loop is comprised of up to four tracks, 
> are made up of any number of overdubs.
> The trick is keeping track of what's where in the heat of performance, 
> you won't have any visual reference as to what's on each channel/track.
> TravisH

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