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FS: Line6 DL-4

I have a Line 6 DL-4 that has sat unused for quite a while in my
studio. It's only gigged twice, once at an improv gig at a church and
once at a bar (where it sat by the house mixer). It's in excellent
shape. I have the original manual but not the original box and I do
not have the AC adapter. I'm asking $200 + shipping. I'd prefer
Paypal; I can provide my Ebay ID for anyone who wants to check my

Why am I selling it? As much as I love it, I've been investing what
little time I have to do looping toward focusing on my EDP and getting
the most out of that. As a result, the DL-4 sits unused, which doesn't
seem fair to it. It should be used, not collected.

Help me find a loving home for it, won't you?


Jon Southwood