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Re: New Boss Looper RC-50

hey I just want to know which of the three  are better
1)Boss DD20
2)Boss RC20
3)Boss DR 303
if you know, get back to me.. I did not hear the Boss RC50..Gerry

Doug Cox <dougcox@pdq.net> wrote:
Can one of our Japanese list friends do a proper translation to English?
The Babblefish translation is... um... babble.

Are the loops really simultaneous? Asynchronous?
Does it "force" the tempo like the RC20, or can it derive the tempo
based on start/stop recording stomps?
Can you get to reverse from one of the pedals (vs. the little buttons)?

A very very cool and interesting development, for sure.


ysh wrote:

>Hi all,
>Has this been mentioned on the list yet?
>Works in stereo, 3 loops (simulataneous it seems), WAV transfers via USB, MIDI tempo sync...

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