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Re: RC-50 translation

On 11/6/05, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill <rs@moinlabs.de> wrote:
> What about controlling feedback with an expression pedal? To quote once
> again from the translation: "with the expression * pedal which you
> connect, it is possible to change refresh rate into real time.".
> "Refresh" might be "feedback" (it is with some vintage delay pedals),
> no?

I used to own an RC20XL (which I really didn't like, sold it for a
good price last week thank goodness), and some of this new one looks
very similar.

However the feedback thing is a puzzle. The XL had no control over
feedback between 100% (loop) and 0% (one-shot) settings for each loop.

This new RC50 has similar loop/one-shot switching (on a per loop
basis, like the XL), plus this mention of control over 'refresh'.

If you look at the babelfish translation of the Japanese RC20XL page


and compare it with the same for the RC50


the word 'refresh' isn't on the RC20XL page.

I'm hoping this means that you're right, and that 'refresh' is
feedback and it can be controlled from the expression pedal.