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CFC's for Repeater

Hi all. Been lurking around the site for years & finally joined up. 
Everything's going into my junkmail folder, and the only time I answered 
a post, it went straight to the sender. I didn't see my own message till 
they responded. I guess I'll have to cut&paste from my junkmail to my 
in order to participate. Bit of a pain, but no more difficult than making 
accurate loops with my old PDS8000.

Anyway, I've never been able to find a CFC that worked w/my Repeater, 
than the SimpleTech 32MB that it shipped with. I've tried the recommended 
brands w/no success, and they're not easy to return, considering that 
there's nothing really wrong w/them, other than their incompatability 
Repeater. I understand that the 'Hitachi control chip set' is crucial, but 
am met w/blank stares at computer & camera stores. The cards never 
that info either.

Of all the vagaries & peculiarities of the Repeater, this one's the most 
vexing to me. Are cards w/this chip still being made? Where can I get one 

David Rolling