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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V05 #727

Kris wrote:
> > the fun thing is, seems it will time stretch an unsynced loop to fit.
> >
> > andy butler
>That's interesting...time stretch without pitch transposition, I assume?

Yes, that's a definite.

>Is it just too hard to develop a multiply-like function in one of these

It would be very easy for loops 2 & 3 to be a multiple of loop 1.
( can't be 100% sure they didn't implement that)

To do EDP type multiply would be harder, because the memory in the
RC-50 is structured to do 99 loops.

Imagine they fill up memory with loop after loop, one after the other.
Then it's a little harder to Multiply loop 2 when it's squashed between
loop1 and loop3.

...but really, I think the manufacturers just don't care to do it.

andy butler