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re: Synchronizing Real Time Drumming with a Prerecorded Loop was Re:query 'real time live looping'

 >> both sides of the problem..........being the looper or responding 
to  a loop that I can't control myself, live.

What about synching my looper to a tap-tempo controller that the drummer 

I have been trying to configure a looping environment for myself and an 
electronic percussionist who uses a VST sampler/loop playback virtual 
instrument hosted by his recording software.  I have been taking a sync 
signal out from the computer with some success, and my Repeater loops 
stay in sync with his drum loops.  However I'm looking for a solution 
that will allow us to take it outside the studio.

Syncing to the computer doesn't allow for tempo changes on the fly, so I 
figured the logical extension would be to remove the computer and 
substitute some sort of tap-tempo device.  It seems like I should be 
able to let the drummer control the looper tempo (assuming they can play 
to the tempo they establish themselves).  Anyone tried this in 
practice?  What would be a good tap-tempo device so the drummer could 
provide the MIDI sync output?

A secondary consideration - I'd like to avoid using headphones...

Dan Ash
White Plains, NY