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FS: Roland CR-8000 analog drum machine $75

The pinnacle of the Cha-Cha vintage analog drum machines IMNSHO The Roland
CR8000 has the 808 cowbell and congas,user programming, as well as thre
sections of preset patterns and fill-ins. GREAt Highhats and 606ish
cymbals too :)

The CR8000 has din sync as well as a 1/4" trigger out (assignable to 8,16,
or programable triggers)so it makes a very nice old school clock (with RED
LED counter and large tempo knob). 

The unit I am selling is not working 100%. Many buttons don't light up and
I'm not sure if that's a cleaning problem or something more. Cosmetically
it's not bad (someone putstcikers numbers (ie: 1,2,3) on some of the
patterns once and the faceplate needs to be glued down but it's all there
and plays and I was able to program some beats in. All original knobs,
buttons, etc as well. See pics for details.


I bought this "as is" being promised a lot more and kept it as a
spare. I'm being more honest in my sale now that the guy I bought it
from and don't want to part it out so I'm selling it cheap.

Would be excellent for some DIYer or one of you geeks who does mods on
these things. not bad as it is now either but I have a 606 and CR8000
combo already so I don't need this.

Asking $75 which is what I have into it. Serious offer or trades for
weird things possible. Sold as is but will gladly answer any questions. I
can do paypal. 


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