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Re: --shameless plug: free music--

I too pulled it down. Very cool...Thank you for the addition to my mp3 collection.
-------Original Message-------
Date: 11/09/05 04:30:57
Subject: Re: --shameless plug: free music--
I'm listen to it, Peter.
It's "truly" Ambient music, floating, sparse and dense, with beautifull
minimal melodies appearing sometimes.
Good work !
Fabio Anile
----- Original Message -----
From: "p koniuto" <peter@RedSunSoundroom.com>
Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 12:57 PM
Subject: --shameless plug: free music--
> Looper-folk:
> You can download for free my new release, Past Andromeda,
> from here:
> Enjoy!  Lots and lots of loopage via EDP, Jamman, Vortex,
> etc.
> Here's a review from disquiet.com:
> [ November 7, 2005 ]
> SPACE MUSIC MP3: On Halloween, the Stasisfield netlabel (stasisfield.com)
> released a single, hour-long piece by musician Peter Koniuto titled Past
> Andromeda (MP3). As the name suggests, it's an exercise in space music:
> slow blooms of galactic sound that stretch from ear to ear like a blissful
> smile; sonar blurps that bring to mind how Star Trek creator Gene
> Roddenberry imagined submarines, rather than airplanes, as the Starship
> Enterprise's most significant predecessor; and occasional flurries of
> digitally messed-up speech, suggesting the space-enabled psychosis of
> Stanislaw Lem's novel Solaris. There's also a patiently plucked melody
> sounds like the opening from the theme to Deliverance played at quarter
> speed, and each time it cycles through it grounds the track's otherwise
> heady stew of aural effluvia. The version of Past Andromeda on Stasisfield
> is a stereo reduction of an eight-speaker installation project by Koniuto,
> who first staged it at the University of the Pacific's Conservatory of
> Music in Stockton, California, back in September 2002 as part of the
> school's annual Music Beyond Performance series. The music's source
> materials include electric bass guitar, field recordings, children's toys,
> glass vases, harmonica, among other household objects. More on Koniuto at
> the website of his upstate New York studio, redsunsoundroom.com.
> ______________________________
> Peter Koniuto
> Creative Recordist - Composer
> Red Sun Soundroom
> Brunswick, NY
> On our hi-fi this week...
> peter AT RedSunSoundroom.com
> ______________________________