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Re: Reaktor


I'd love to see a copy of that PDF. I've been considering buying
Reaktor for a while now. Reading that PDF will probably have me
pulling the trigger sooner rather than later.


Jon Southwood

On 11/9/05, David Coffin <dpcoffin@earthlink.net> wrote:
> On Nov 9, 2005, at 10:30 AM, Mark Smart wrote:
> BTW I heard that someone posted a complete Echoplex emulation in the 
> user library. Haven't tried it.
> Haven't ever seen such a thing, or been able to find it by searching, but
> here's a link to a screen shot of a pretty cool Reaktor live-looper:
> http://snipurl.com/jp56-SK4XH
> There used to be a headrush emulation in the user-library, but it's gone
> now...
> Don't think non-owners can browse the Reaktor user-library, but if anyone
> here would like to peruse a 40-page pdf file I created outlining how 
> with no code/DSP experience could use Reaktor to build extraordinary FX,
> just let me know and I'll post a downloadable copy. It gives a pretty 
> sense of how flexible and deep Reaktor is as a DIY realtime FX device, I
> think.
> dc