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re: DRIVE the LOOP or be DRIVEN? (was: re: Synchronizing Real TimeDrumming with a Prerecorded Loop was Re: query 'real time live looping')

 >>I've been following this discussion about
getting a drummer to sync to a loop or having a drummer
(or any musician) trigger a midi device that will then work off
of the drummers time (continually retriggering the loop).<<

Thanks, Rick.   I was thinking more along the lines of using the 
tap-tempo device for small adjustments to the *tempo* when required - 
rather than re-triggering all the downstream loops based on the 
tap-tempo device.  In my mind, this would mostly be used to begin a new 
improv at a new tempo. 

It also implies a common language of cues so that the first set of loops 
loop is faded or muted before a radical tempo change is counted/tapped-in. 

I am also encouraging encouraging the drummer to use drum loops as he 
appears to be headed this way - although I wouldn't want an entire set 
to be drum loops.  He's got several midi controllers including a 
gorgeous ZenDrum, and coulds contribute percussion, ambient textures and 
melody on top of a basic drum loop.  So tempo adjustments would be more 
deliberate than simply trying to get back in the groove - although 
hopefully that should be possible, too.

I hadn't really considered the monitoring issue - since I fully expect 
to be bringing the sound system I expect we can set up a dedicated 
monitor for our rhythmist.

Dan Ash
White Plains, NY