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Re: DRIVE the LOOP or be DRIVEN? (was: re: Synchronizing Real Time Drumming with a Prerecorded Loop was Re: query 'real time live looping')

Travis wrote:

"Of course it's not just a dedicated monitor you'll want for the
drummer, but also a dedicated mix for that monitor, so you'll need a
dedicated power amp channel and a mixer that can handle two monitor


Thanks for saying that Travis.................it's hard to convey how hard 
thing to accomplish this
is.............my experience is that, pretty much,  unless you have all 
ducks lined up (good separate mix monitoring,
a drummer willing to learn how to play to loops and practising it) that it 
is very, very problematic accomplishing the goal.

I just played with my brother for my Dad's 80th b-day bash............we 
adequate monitoring but the same mix.
I layed down a drum loop..........he came in slightly louder than the loop 
and immediately we started to drift from one another.
It was very difficult.

Even having the directionality of one monitor with the loop in it only and 
one monitor with the normal full band monitoring
makes a huge difference.