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RE: EDP Insert: Overdub, too?

Of course, with Loop=In, the pedal controls input, so you can overdub
discretely this way.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: .David.Auker. [mailto:DaVAuk@Hevanet.com]> 
> On Loop IV, I've been digging Insert with Quantize: 8th, 8thBeat: 16,
> InsertMode: rPL.  Wow.  

> Question: instead of replacing those precise
> little chunks of sound, can I overdub them?  

Bernhard Wagner LD [mailto:loopdelightml@nosuch.biz] replied:

Andy Butler knows at least one way. Unfortunately, I didn't write down his
response when I asked him the exact same question... But it involved a
particular LoopMode that required a plug in the Feedback Pedal Jack, even 
it doesn't have a pedal connected. I thought it was StutterMode, but that
one doesn't require a jack... See new EDP Manual p. 4-15 ff...