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Re: Re: EDP Insert: Overdub, too?

>>>So (not to beat this into the ground...sorry!): sounds like you 
>>>HAVE to use a dummy jack for this additional use of the feedback 
>>>control on the panel.  (I'm not complaining...
>>it doesn't have to be a dummy jack, you can use a feedback pedal for 
>>Makes sense really, because without a pedal, the feedback knob 
>>controls ordinary feedback.
>Any special parameter settings I should be looking for to get this, 
>since I do have a feedback pedal for real inserted to EDP's rear 
>panel, and I didn't seem to have any difference in Insert: it always 
>replace, not added (overdubbed)?  Super effect, but the overdubbing 
>of concise bits would be cool, too.
>I'll list some params I have currently set:

InsertMode to Sub
(because rPL isn't substitute ;-)

Loop/Delay should set to Stu or rPL

either will make Subst work as O/D when feedback knob is full up.

Now decide
Stu only changes the way Insert works, so as you've got insertMode =Sub 
       probably the best for you.

andy butler