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Funny "Experimental" Music Experiences This Week

Listening to and playing experimental music definitely changes what one 
perceives of as "music".  A few examples like this have floated around 
this list in the past, and I always find them amusing.  I had two funny 
experiences this week in that vein.

1.  My alarm goes off to my local college radio station (KALX, Berkeley) 
which has been known to play some pretty whacked-out stuff from time to 
time.  So my alarm goes off this morning and it's this totally captivating 
composition that jarred me awake and immediately got my brain working.  
I was totally digging it for a couple minutes.......until the DJ came back 
on and apologized for his mistake.  He had accidentally left a Steve Reich 
track playing from his previous voice-over and then started a DVDr of the 
Rolling Stones on the old TAMI Show...but the DVDr wouldn't play 
properly so it was skipping and glitching all over the place (it sounded 
like static because it was the intro with just hundreds of teenagers 
screaming), but it kept glitching in a similar (though not identical) way, 
making a repeated variation on a theme.  As soon as he stopped the DVDr 
from playing the "piece" lost what I loved about.  LOL.

2.  Perhaps even funnier, I was driving to work in my truck, the radio of 
which is always tuned to KALX.  I turned the radio on at some point (it's 
always tuned to KALX)  and there was this musical piecec with a crazy 
modulated tone that kept lowering and rising in pitch, along with some 
tremelo effect.  I found it captivating and was silently giving KALX kudos 
for not being afraid of the "weird stuff".  It was REALLY cool.  At some 
point in the drive there were some weird synchronicities with the pitch 
and the speed at which I was driving.  Then I got stopped at a red light, 
which point the pitch dropped to s steady hum.....hmmmmmm....that's when I 
looked at the radio and realized that I must have hit the AM/FM 
button by mistake when turning it on.  The tuner was stuck in the 
no-man's-land between stations and the pitch was somehow being modulated 
by my alternator as I sped up and slowed down.  I can assure you that I 
was laughing out loud!!!  On one particularly empty street I was able to 
play a rough approximation of Happy Birthday with the accelerator, but I 
almost ran the stop sign at the end of the street.  I'll need to find a 
deserted country road and record some longer tunes!


Joe Rut


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