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I used to use Cubasis, and I know they used to have a $100 package
that would do that, not sure if they still do.


On 11/18/05, Legion <legion@helpwantedproductions.com> wrote:
> I am looking for a simple but flexible software program and will first 
> foremost let me load and use VST and other plugins as well as basic midi
> and audio tracks. I don't need anything too fancy but have never quite
> gotten the VST thing down so I'm looking at introductory software
> packages. I have Acid (for loops and things) and Audition (for WAV file
> editing) so I don't need a lot of those items.
> Cakewalk makes Sonar Home studio which seem to do the trick but I'm
> wondering if there are any other programs out there in the $100 or colse
> to it range that might comparable. I have a midiman Quatro soundcard so
> AISO drivers woudl be a big plus (can't find out if Sonar supports this 
> not.
> Any suggestions pro or con appreciated.
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