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Re: Behringer FCB1010

hey Dave sounds cool dont you have to change the
Eprom? which one do you have?

--- hazard factor <artists@hazardfactor.com> wrote:

> I just loaded up the unofficial firmware for the
> Behringer FCB midi pedal
> (available on the FCB Yahoo group) and it has this
> way cool thing that can
> be used with the EDP...the display on the FCB
> changes briefly as you use the
> expression pedals, which, syncs up perfectly to the
> EDP's display when
> changing feedback. I don't have to look over
> anymore!
> On the EDP, I always wished the input and output
> knobs also changed the
> display so I could have that input perfectly set-
> its touchy!
> Dave Eichenberger 
> http://www.hazardfactor.com


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