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Our own looping wiki?

LD members,

I've been considering the prospect of hosting a wiki that would focus on 
looping.  The purpose would be to build an extensive, interrelated 
resource (ie, a wiki!) regarding all aspects of looping.  Techniques, 
concepts, history, trends, gear, artists, etc, etc, etc, and on and on.  
Although the concept of "looping" is becoming more and more popular, I 
continually encounter people who are confused by it on even the most 
basic levels.  A resource like this could help them, at a minimum.  With 
all of the broad experience and expertise that this list possesses, I 
suspect each of us could begin an ongoing journey of learning and 
discovery.  In the process, we might just build something approaching 
and authoritative web resource on looping.

I recognize that there is some information at wikipedia, but as I've 
browsed it I've also recognized that there is *so* much more information 
that still remains scattered across the web, in mailing list archives, 
emails, and even our own brains.  Of course, we could all commit to 
contributing to wikipedia... but I'm not sure that's the easiest or best 
way to get the job done.  Thus, I'm writing this post to the list....

Any interest?  Any concerns?

If you're not familiar with the wiki concept, try this link:  
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki   The basic idea is a collaborative 
web resource, with easy ways to related information through internal 
links.  Wasn't that what they said the web was going to be, anyway? :)

I welcome discussion on or off list.  Once I measure the reaction and 
potential of the idea, I'll summarize what I know back to the list.