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RE: New loop tool, sort of..

Hey Steve, one suggestion Rick Turner had was to use another type of 
in addition to the Bose line array (keyboard amp, mackie powered monitor
etc..)for folks who absolutely need stereo.  I'm not sure if what you are
suggesting would really work, and although I'm not exactly a guy with clout
at this point LOL, I will inquire. Also, Mike at Leos Pro audio in Oakland
told  me that the line array speakers are already available for people who
already have power amps and mixers, i.e., you don't have to buy the powered
system to get at the speaker technology.
 The thing is, the nature of the line array (bose system) is that it is 
less directional sounding, and more three dimensional than a standard
monaural source. Perhaps a really good mono piano sample through a system
like this will sound superior? I don't know. haven't tried. What I believe
is that when one sits down at a piano and plays, the sound is hitting ones
ears from many directions, at different times, and in essence, a tall 
of multiple speakers (a line array) coupled with a subwoofer is achieving
somewhat the same thing. I mean a grand piano is not in and of its self
stereo, is it?  But its amazingly  full and enveloping. Ditto for the bose
 Also perhaps the technology employed in the DTAR Mama Bear might find its
way in to the keyboard realm. In a nutshell the MB allows you to plug in a
piezo or magnetic acoustic pickup source, and add physically modeled eq
characteristics of 16 different acoustic guitars ranging from a parlor
guitar to a national tricone. The result being a sound with more body, air,
and acoustic quality, not to mention more versatility.  Perhaps someone 
market a box that allows you to filter an average sounding piano sample
through a Bosendorfer or Steinway model.
 I'll pass on your suggestion.
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     When you see this Bose guy again, perhaps you could put in a plea for 
"stereo PAS", that is
a single PAS with every other speaker putting out L or R signal.  All this
would take is an
additional amp inside the unit.

     Now I'm acutely aware of the fallacy of having a stereo field on the
soundstage of most
performance venues.  Even if it does work for the performers on stage, it
may not translate as
much of an improvement to the audience.

     However, most keyboardists suffer from the fact that stereo acoustic
piano samples sound
terrible in mono.  This is true with just about every piano sample out 
in all the big names
brands (Kurzweil, Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Alesis, etc.)  Even the so-called
"mono pianos" sound
terrible.  All it takes is separating the two channels in acoustic space to
get the piano samples
to sound halfway decent.  This can be done within a PAS I'm pretty sure.

     Then again, stereo chorus effects, as well as a host of other ambient
or panning effects will
come through stronger with a single source stereo PAS compared to a mono

     Again, it's not about creating a stereo sound stage with separation
between the channels.
It's about giving the L and R channels their own physical space to emerge
from, regardless of how
close in proximity they are to each other.

     Anyone else have any thoughts or experience with this matter?

     Greetings from sunny Seattle,


     BillyBoyWalker wrote:
Two nights ago I played test pilot for Rick Turner and an engineer from 

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