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Re: Signal routing question (& Soundcraft Compakt4)

It sounds sort of complicated--you've got two instruments being fed
into a laptop, and then you want to mix the results with a third
instrument and send that somewhere else.  Do you want any of the first
two instruments pre-looped signal sent to the engineer?

((Ch1 & Ch2-->stereo send-->soundcard-->stereo return)

If you want non of the prelooped audio from Ch1 and Ch2 to be sent to
the engineer you'd want to mute the output of those two channels and
use a pre-fader send for the soundcard, and probably return the
soundcard to a stereo Ch4 and then send Ch3 and Ch4 to the engineer.

To monitor the Ch3 instrument without sending it to the sound card,
you need a stereo effects loop for the looped audio, and then a
separate set of outs (a routeable headphone mix, or a second stereo
send which could be routed to an external headphone amp).  I'm not
sure if you'll be able to find a very small mixer that allows all this
in one box.


On 11/22/05, obadia <firlgriend@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> hello,
> i'm a bit confused on how to route my signal thru a
> mixing table and which kind of mixing table i need.
> maybe some of you can help me. let me explain:
> 2 stereo instruments go in the mixing table, this
> signal must then go into my soundcard.
> the soundcard output should then go back into the
> mixer because i want to mix the loops made in my
> laptop with a 3rd instrument (which i would like to
> monitor thru headphones before i send it to the
> engineer). but this 3rd instrument shouldn't go into
> the soundcard.
> i'm thinking about purchasing a Soundcraft Compakt4.
> it's cheap, light & small, but most of all it seems to
> have good monitoring/pre-listening features.
> but i'm not sure it will be possible to have a signal
> going from the Compact4 to the soundcard, let it come
> back thru the Compact4 again and then still be able to
> mix it with another instrument.
> is it?
> what's the technical term for what i'm looking for?
> thank you for any help!
> Stéphane
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