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Plea for help with Elotronnix!

Plea for help!
I have Adobe Audition, which accepts VST plugins, and I found Elotronnix, which is way too cool, but I can't seem to get the Elotronnix plugin to work correctly.  I can record a track live on Audition, with Elotronnix engaged, but it doesn't repeat anything.  With no change in settings I hit "STOP" and "PLAY" and the phrase I just recorded is piped through the Elotronnix plug-in and makes the most lovely ambient sound - but I can't control the timing and play along with what I've already laid down.  Can someone help me?  I'm afraid the PDF that came along with Elotronnix didn't help.  I think it's Audition that I need to tweek, but I can't figure it out.