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Re: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

The Magicstomps are already listed.

chris harmon wrote:

>and the yamaha magicstomp can do 6 second hold delays.
>On 11/24/05, Bernhard Wagner LD <loopdelightml@nosuch.biz> wrote:
>>There's a list of software loopers here:
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>From: Doug Cox [mailto:dougcox@pdq.net]
>>>Sent: Donnerstag, 24. November 2005 04:33
>>>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>>>Subject: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey
>>>Hey Loopers - Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
>>>In November of 2003, we did a survey of the LD list members to find out
>>>what devices they were using for live looping.  It was very informal and
>>>pretty disorganized (I think I still have a headache...), but I tallied
>>>the results into a spreadsheet and posted a PDF version of those results
>>>in the Looper's Delight File Library
>>>It's now two years later, and I figured it might be time to try it
>>>again.  This time, we won't clutter up the list (or my brain!) with the
>>>responses, but instead I'm preparing an online survey form to capture
>>>them.  The survey will be anonymous (unlike 2 years ago), but the form
>>>WILL use cookies to ensure that surveys are only submitted once.  Well,
>>>once per computer - but what would really be the point in trying to
>>>screw with this survey? :)
>>>I'll host the survey, and I give my personal assurances that the data
>>>written/read by the cookies will only be used to block multiple
>>>submissions.  I will NOT provide this information to anyone else, and
>>>cannot see the contents of your cookie myself.
>>>I've started to prepare the form with the following loopers listed (see
>>>bottom).  I'll take any suggested additions into the list until
>>>Saturday.  At that point, I'll post the survey and leave it open for
>>>about a month so that we get the maximum number of respondents.
>>>You won't be able to "write in" a looper once I post the survey.  I will
>>>continue to take offline (emailed) requests for off-list loopers after
>>>the survey starts, but I will have to add them to the results manually
>>>at the end of the survey.  So please - take a look at this list and ask
>>>me to add anything YOU are using as a looper that is not represented.
>>>Part of the fun of this survey is to see what other unusual devices are
>>>being used.
>>>Finally - last year we had some confusion about what to include in the
>>>inventory.  Some folks were posting gear that they used for loop
>>>*mangling* or pre/post loop effecting.  There was also some confusion
>>>about "samplers" vs. "live loopers".  I propose that:
>>>- we do NOT try to inventory effects devices used for per/post loop
>>>- we do NOT try to inventory units used to playback prerecorded loops or
>>>Instead, if those things are of interest to others, we can start a new
>>>thread and post them - or perhaps I can setup another survey in the
>>>(distant) future to capture that data.
>>>Here's the list - let me know what needs to be added:
>>>*Echoplex Digital Pro
>>>Electrix Repeater
>>>Line 6 DL-4
>>>Lexicon Jamman
>>>Digitech Jamman
>>>Kaoss Pad I or II
>>>Ableton Live
>>>Boomerang (Orig or Plus)
>>>Akai Headrush
>>>Boss RC-20 (or RC-20XL)
>>>Lexicon Vortex
>>>Line 6 Echo Pro (Rack)
>>>Zoom 2100
>>>Lexicon PCM42 or PCM70 or other
>>>Boss DD-3, 5 or 6
>>>Boss DD-20
>>>Boss GT-3, 5, 6 or 8
>>>Digitech RDS 7.6 (or similar, incl PDS series)
>>>Max MSP
>>>Native Instruments Reaktor
>>>Sonic Foundry Acid
>>>ZVEX Lofi Loop Junky
>>>Lexicon MPX G2
>>>Digitech 2120 or 2112
>>>Eventide Orville, Eclipse (or other)
>>>Roland VG8 or VG88
>>>Roland GP100 (or similar)
>>>Augustus Loop
>>>Electro Harmonix 16 Second Delay (new or reissue)
>>>Maneco Looper (any type)
>>>Digitech GNX (any)
>>>TC Electronic 2290 Delay
>>>DJRND3 (or C-Loops or Peavey Grabber)
>>>TC Electronic D-Two Delay
>>>Akai Samplers (any)
>>>Roland Samplers (any)
>>>Yamaha Samplers (any)
>>>Maestro, Roland, Guyatone, etc Tape Echo machine