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Re: Bills Tonelab Joy, into EDP FLIP mode sales pitch

>ability to assign an expression pedal to
>control the amount of signal being sent to the looper, and how this might 
>a feature unique to the tonelab.

Hi Bill,
the EDP had this feature in the old LOOP3 software in DELay mode.
(as used by Eberhard Weber, for exactly the sort of thing you describe)
...and with loop4(current)  software there's an INPut mode which does
simply takes the basic EDP Loop Mode and changes the expression
pedal to do the loop-input-volume.

The EDP also has an interesting variation called FLIP Mode, which
allows you to crossfade the Input with the stuff in the loop

here's a demo to make it obvious how it works,


and here's a snip from my "livelooping" cd which shows it
in a (slightly) more musical contex


please, someone else use FLIp mode, Matthias sweated blood to program
that into Loop4,

it's really not so hard to use,
and it's great for mutating a loop while you play along to it.

allows you to build a loop with dj crossfades from one rhythm to another,

and it lets you keep working on a loop forever without building up
loads of overdubs

andy butler